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Marthas work for a sustainable lifestyle within households, the economy, and ecology. The Martha Associations' advisors share knowledge in courses and lectures. We are active on social media and publish inspiring books and magazines. The magazine “Martha” is one of the biggest member magazines in Swedish in Finland.

Focus areas 2022

The member in focus
Agenda 2030-goals
Self-catering and the power of the hand
Increased gender equality and equality

    Marthaförbundet - Activism & knowledge since 1899

    Towards the end of the 19th century, Finland was experiencing hard times under the Russian Empire. A group of far-sighted women realized that in order to endure these hardships Finland needed to start educational work at grass-root level. The Martha Association was founded in 1899 under the name Education in the home. Did you know that in the beginning, the Marthas had to use a cover name to conduct their business? At that time, advice on very basic skills was needed in the home, and the association started to offer home economics counseling, first by visiting individual households, an activity that soon developed into planned courses. The Marthas were pioneers when it came to sharing knowledge.